“Keep the Woods in Hither Woods”

“Keep the Woods in Hither Woods”


• 5/1/2023: CCOM President Laura Tooman steps down. 

The Montauk Brewing Company, a subsidiary of Tilray Brands has become a contributor of CCOM. Tilray Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq: TLRY; TSX: TLRY), is a leader of a global cannabis lifestyle and a pioneer in cannabis research, cultivation, and distribution.

• 4/16/2023: The Montauk Playhouse will finally begin the construction process of a four lane lap pool and wading pool by July, 4 2023.  In what has been a multi-decade process of fund raising, promises and additions, the pool is slated to be completed in 18 months.

• 4/16/2023: Saunders Real Estate will provide free public WiFi service at Ditch Plains Beach, Gosmans Dock area and Gin Beach. An email signup is necessary to access the service. Additionally, to dissuade vandalism, town cameras will be installed in these locations.

New Years Day Hike 2023

“The gale was at its peak when I turned for home.  In the bare woods of winter, a wind roaring through the treetops sets a whole world in motion.  The incessant stir of thousands of tree limbs, millions of branches, squeaking, rustling, whining, one against the other, creates a sound unnoticed at first, but gradually working its way into the consciousness of the solitary walker.  It is, with the slightest touch of imagination, the sound of music: a distant chorus of many voices, rising, then dipping, with the moan of the wind.  It is an eerie sound, and I first heard it heading home in Hither Woods that day.

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