The Coalition for Hither Woods

- Our Purpose -

To protect and preserve the land area known as Hither Woods in Montauk, New York, as parkland, natural habitat, and open space for the benefit of animal and plant species indigenous to Hither Woods, for the protection of Montauk’s freshwater aquifer and drinking water resources, and for human enjoyment and appreciation;

• To foster scientific and ecological knowledge about Hither Woods and the plant and animal species which live in Hither Woods;

• To promote knowledge of natural, geological, and human history (including archaeology) relating to Hither Woods;

• To educate the general public about the natural, historic, and recreational values and characteristics of Hither Woods;

• To enhance appropriate and low-intensity human use of Hither Woods, consistent with protection and preservation of its natural and environmental qualities; and

• To oppose any and all activities which could damage, destroy, or imperil the natural and open space qualities of Hither Woods, so that Hither Woods remains as nearly as possible in its intact natural state, in order to maintain its exceptional wild and scenic character, its value as wildlife habitat, and its recreational benefits for hiking, hunting, horseback riding, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and similar outdoor activities.

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