1) What is The Coalition for Hither Woods?

2) What is the Hither Woods Sewage Treatment Plant?

3) What is the position of The Coalition for Hither Woods?

4) What’s this about Montauk’s “Raw Sewage” problem?

5) Does Montauk waste water have elevated levels of Nitrogen?

6) Does Montauk need a centralized urban-style wastewater treatment system?

7) Do we need an Environmental Impact Study and SEQRA?

8) Is the Hither Woods Sewage Treatment Plant about Montauk Growth?

9) The Town Supervisor stated that only 1 acre would be cleared, is this true?

10) Would East Hampton Town residents see taxes rise?

11) Will the Sewage Treatment Plant impact Trails & Open Space in Hither Woods?

12) Why doesn’t the Town put the STP in the former Montauk landfill site?

13) Is there an option besides the Suffolk County parkland parcel?

14) Is the proposed Sewage Treatment Plant within a designated aquifer?

15) Is the 18.8 acre “Highland Meadows” property already protected parkland?

16) Is it acceptable for CFHW to utilize the H2M report and associated reports?

17) Has the Town been transparent to the public about the STP?

18) Who are the Top 11 users of water in Downtown Montauk?

19) Why does the Town Push forward to build a Sewage Treatment Plant?

20) Is there an Environmental impact of Groundwater in  Downtown Montauk?

21) What about the massive amount of wastewater pushed into the Aquifer?

22) Will the proposed STP stop medical waste from entering the Montauk Aquifer?

23) What does the water usage data for Montauk tell us?

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