Natural History Conference

Friday, March 28

Members of the CFHW, Victoria Bustamante, Barbara Grimes, Dai Dayton and Rich & Robert Whalen attended the SEATUCK Natural History Conference today. The Coalition for Hither Woods along with many other environmental organizations had a participating booth. The event was fully attended, even though the weather was more "March-like".  

Many speakers covered wide ranging topics, from Nassau County Coyotes, Disappearing Red Herring populations, Understanding the declination of the LI Scallop, Dead Whales and why,  Flora on Fishers Island, Pine Barrens update, Vernal Pools-Terrapins and saving them, Water Reuse, and Plum Island Preservation. The Event began at 8:30AM and closed at 4:30 PM. Except for lunch it was a full day right to 4:30.

We met with many familiar faces and groups as well as greeted new faces.  

An aside, there is an effort to classify Plum Island (all 822 acreage) a National Monument for the purpose of ecological conservation, historical preservation, and the discovery and celebration of cultural heritage.   There are a combined total of 123 organizations attempting to petition the Federal Government to do so.  

If interested in preserving Plum Island, please visit: and click the RED BUTTON to send your message.

This normally annual SEATUCK event was professionally organized and punctual. I'd recommend attending in the future.  You can still view the event by going here: and select Click the HERE button to view the event.  

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