What does the water usage data for Montauk tell us?

Downtown Montauk Water Usage Data – For All Users

The Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA) Usage Table, shown below, identifies all the consumers of public water in Downtown Montauk over the past five years, according to the SCWA, and shows the total volume of water supplied to these users for each year. Again, water consumption closely parallels the generation of septic wastewater. 

H2M calculated that Downtown Montauk presently generates 173,720 gallons per day (GPD) of septic wastewater. This figure appears to be greatly exaggerated. The Suffolk County Water Authority’s annual water consumption data reveals that over the past five years the average annual wastewater generation by all properties within the proposed sewer district has been approximately 93,013 GPD, after deducting 10% for leakage, irrigation, and evaporation

The SCWA data discloses the water usage for the three additional proposed Montauk sewage districts. These are the Montauk Docks, Ditch Plains and the Railroad Station area. The table below compares H2M’s full buildout estimate of 600,000 GPD of sanitary flow for all four prospective sewer districts to the actual SCWA water consumption. This translates to 278,792 GPD of sanitary output for all the sewer districts. The 115% increase between actual water consumption and H2M’s estimates of existing sewage flow suggest the Town's real motivation for wanting to build a Centralized Sewage System for Montauk is to foster or promote future business expansion.  

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