Is the proposed Sewage Treatment Plant within a designated aquifer?

YES! The proposed Hither Woods Sewage Treatment Plant is in fact within the
New York State and Suffolk County designated Hither Hills/Hither Woods Special Groundwater Protection Area (SGPA)

Is the 18.8 acres on East Lake Drive (aka “Highland Meadows”) which the town purchased with Town General Funds instead of Community Preservation Funds already protected as Preserved Parkland?

YES! The Town Supervisor claims the 18.8 acres of land the Town already purchased on East Lake Drive (to swap with the County) is not yet preserved. Oh, yes it is! 

Even though the Town used General Fund monies to make the purchase, the Town Board's acquisition resolution states that the property was being acquired for "open space." When a Town buys land for the express purpose of maintaining it as "open space" it has designated that land as parkland. Thereafter, it is subject to the same alienation procedures as any other parkland, including State Legislative approval before it can be sold, exchanged, or developed. See Handbook on the Alienation and Conversion of Municipal Parkland. 

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